Brain Tumor

Brain tumor occurs due to formation of abnormal cells within the brain. There are two types of Brain Tumors – Malignant which is cancerous and benign which is termed as non – cancerous.

 Symtoms Of Brain Tumor


  • If a person is suffering from
    Brain Tumor he/she may have headache. They usually occur in the morning & are
    severe in nature. These headaches go away with vomiting.
  • Frequent feeling of indigestion,
    uneasiness and nausea is a symptom of Brain tumor
  • Hearing Problem is also
    considered as a late sign of Brain tumor
  • Seizures
  • Behavioural Changes
  • One can have difficulty in
    speaking or slurred speech
  • Person can face changes in
    senses. Loss of sensation, numbness and weakness is noticed.
  • Eyesight Problem like blurred vision
    or double vision is possible. One can face problem while averting their eyes
  • Confusion, Impaired memory or Memory
    Loss can be experienced.
  • Therefore, consult your doctor if
    you find any changes in your body or day-to-day activities.