Divisions of Neurosurgery / Neurology

As a Brain and Spine Care Neurosurgeon, We have focused on providing our community with exceptional health care. We are dedicated to upholding a “Patient First” approach and believe that our patients deserve specialized, unhurried, one-on-one attention. We regard the doctor-patient relationship as sacred and strive to provide all patients with compassion and expertise.

Division of Neurosurgery

Micro neurosurgery

Neuro Oncology for brain tumors

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Neurovascular Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Pain Clinic Pituitary Surgery

Brain trauma

Complex Spine surgery

Spinal Trauma

Division of Neurology


Brain Attack(Stroke)

Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s Disease

Demyelinating Disease

Degenerative Diseases

Neuro Infections

Sleep Laboratory