Success Story

“The pain did not really impact my ability
to work or enjoy life, but it gave me cause for concern, especially when I
realized it was affecting my ability to see well”
, said Mahima , a 44 year
old banker from Mumbai, India. She was experiencing constant headache that
initially she cured with over the counter medicines. But day by day headache
was getting severe and gradually she also faced difficulty in reading.  I could hardly read anything especially my
phone’s caller ID,” she complained. Soon Mahima visited her physician and
explained her problems regarding the pain and her deteriorating vision.  Immediately physician advised to get an MRI
done to rule out any irregularity or presence of tumor.  MRI revealed a pituitary tumor, 18 millimeters
in diameter, a small bean shaped organ located at the base of the brain, behind
the bridge of the nose in pituitary gland. Mahima got panicked with the news
and requested the physician to discuss the case with her Aunt who also is a
physician.  To her relief pituitary
tumors, which accounts for 15 percent of all brain tumors, tend to be benign and
are highly curable. The physician prescribed medication as he believed that  would shrink the brain tumor. Three months
later, again a MRI was done &  to
their shock medicines didn’t work to reduce the size of the tumor. Mahima was
then advised to visit a neurosurgeon. So  Mahima’s Aunt spoke to her colleagues, each of
the five physicians she spoke with,  recommended Dr. Sunil Kutty  as one of the most qualified &
experienced Neurosurgeon In Mumbai. At first Mahima was reluctant to travel for
her surgery. “But when I studied Dr. Kutty’s credentials, I knew he was the
right person to carry out the surgery,” Mahima said. The following week, Mahima
underwent surgery. Dr. Kutty approached the tumor through Mahima’s nose, making
no incision. While looking through a microscope, he manipulated small
instruments through an endoscope and removed the tumor. While Mahima was still
asleep in the operating room, intra operative MRI equipment was used to acquire
a brain scan and confirm that the tumor has been entirely removed. The
operation took less than two hours. Mahima also said her recovery was so fast
that, “If my nose was not sore and I didn’t feel any pain at the roof of my
mouth, I would doubt that the surgery actually happened.   Dr.
Kutty showed me the MRI that had been taken while I was asleep, so I knew it
was true. I got the relief I had long hoped for. Mahima now is once again
living without pain and reading with ease.
*Name of the patient have been
changed to protect the privacy of the individual.